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June 28, 2017

Urwa Hocane Latest Bridal Photo Shoot as Bride on Mehndi

Urwa Hocane Latest Bridal Photo Shoot
Urwa Hocane who is also known as “Urwa Tul Wusqa” and “Urwa Tul Wusqau Hussain” is famous Pakistani model, VJ and TV actress. She is one of the most promising young girls in Pakistan’s showbiz industry.
In our previous post we have published biography of Urwa Hocane along with some wallpaper. Here in this post we have designed some latest pictures of Urwa Hocane. In the following gallery you can see her as a beautiful bride on her Mehndi occasion. Beautiful poses in this photo shoot makes her really a beautiful Pakistani bride.
Urwa Hocane Pictures as Bride
Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge the photo;

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